Philip Petrie  To the Edge of the Land  2016  oil and collage on canvas  22 x 28 inches (2).JPG

Art Guide San Diego--Review of Trying, Failing, Waiting, Building

The current exhibition at Low Gallery, “Trying, Failing, Waiting, Building,” by Philip Petrie, is at once easy to look at, with it’s intriguing shapes and forms, and fascinating in its complexity and meaning. When we view the work we can find what we are looking for, but also what we do not expect to find. There are dichotomies of shape that are geometric and fluid, flat and deep, yet familiar and foreign. The thin line between knowing what you see and what you suspect is easily crossed as you gaze longer. As you bring your own thoughts and emotions, those things that you see in your life, those that give you comfort can be viewed, juxtaposed in an expression of those objects.